Drone Investigations

The LGA Institute for Environmental Management GmbH possesses a DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ drone to record 4K resolution videos or 4K panorama images.
Drohne Typ
Type DJI Phantom 4 drone in use
Luftbildaufnahme zur Dokumentation einer Fläche
Aerial photograph for the documentation of an area
The drone is primarily used for the aerial photography and surveying of areas that are difficult to access. Short-term mobile operation of the drone also enables close- interval chronological images.
With the aid of appropriate software, it is possible to create highly precise terrain models, aerial photographs and panorama images. Furthermore current volumes (e.g., of excavated material, surface mining) can be calculated.
Current images provide considerable advantages, for example, in the evaluation of backfilling or surface mining sites as well as contaminated sites. They enable the identification of hitherto unknown objects on a plot of land.
Inspektion von Felsobjekten
Inspection of rock formations
Erstellung von Geländemodellen auf Grundlage von Befliegungsdaten
Terrain modelling based on data of drone flights

The interaction of current images and volume models offers a new dimension for the documentation and evaluation of real estate and land. More precise assessment analyses are possible if they are used in combination with further geodata, e.g., geological maps, digital cadastral maps, etc.

We offer you:

  • the creation of current orthophotos with a very high ground resolution of up to 5 cm
  • images of objects that normally require an extremely high effort to access (e.g., rock walls, roofs, chimneys)
  • video recordings of inaccessible areas
  • construction site supervision
  • volumetric evaluation (e.g., of heaps of excavated material) using software

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